Why Do I Have These Cravings?


Are you at the mercy of cravings or late night binges? 

Do you try like crazy to eat healthy to then have a craving or binge get in the way even though you know you shouldn’t be eating that food you do it anyways?

How about going on that low carb diet to only find that your cravings for carbs is even stronger and instead of eating just 1 small portion of carbs you end up eating an entire plate of spaghetti and also the garlic bread that goes along with it. 

You are not alone…

The reality is that it is very hard to stick to a low carb diet.  All those carb related foods look even more desirable and all you want to do is put your lips on the and taste just how delicious they are. 

You may lose weight in the beginning, but then those temptations grow stronger and you start breaking more frequently until you realize that you have actually gained weight instead of losing it. 

This pattern may not be entirely your fault. 

By that, I mean what you are trying to do is the right thing, but there is something more powerful and controlling the actual action of eating the wrong foods. 

Your brain is in a battle with itself

You see mentally you know you want to avoid the carbs and stick to that low carb diet, but there is one part of your brain that is much stronger and knows it needs a reward. 

This part of your brain is called the Ventral Tegmental Area and it is your brain’s reward circuitry. 

It is so powerful and your brain desires that reward so bad that despite all you mental discipline this VTA overpowers and wins in the end. 

Scientists call this LH-VTA loop.  If you deprive your body of what it wants then it is going to attempt to get that reward and multiply it so that it gets 5x what is acceptable for a reward. 

They call this the LH-VTA loop because when the reward circuitry is triggered it then activates another part of your brain called the Lateral Hypothalamus and this controls how hungry you feel. 

To simplify it your brains wants a reward of sugar and tells the ‘LH” you are hungry and crave sugar/carbs. 

You then succumb to the pressure and go back to the low carb plan to only have this loop or cycle repeat itself. 

So how do you defeat this dreaded LH-VTA loop?

You do it with strategic eating of your carbs.  If you eat them at the right times and in specific intervals you not only get to enjoy those delicious pasta meals or even a dessert, but you satisfy your brain’s reward circuitry.

Final result is you don’t end up with unbeatable cravings, you don’t over consume, and you get to enjoy carbs while still losing weight. 

This is accomplished by your body learning to use other nutrients for energy and when you strategically eat your carbs your body will use them to replenish your muscle storage and not feel it has to store them as fat.  When you combine the carbs strategically with protein and healthy fats you control your ‘storage hormone’ called Insulin.  You proven this hormone from spiking which then triggers fat storage. 

Pretty simple isn’t it? 

Don’t deprive yourself of those “feel good” carbs because what happens is you end up binging and craving carbs which is the worst of the worst when you are trying to lose weight. 

Instead, strategically eat your carbs to trick your body into thinking it is consistently getting rewarded and it doesn’t trigger the binging and craving that you are not able to control. 

In the end, you get to eat carbs and look better naked…

Here is what I use with my own clients to trick their bodies into thinking they are on a low carb diet when in reality my clients get to enjoy the carbs they love and still lose weight.


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