What Are Net Carbs? Is This The Key To Weight Loss


In food manufacturer marketing you will see “net carbs” on the packaging and manufacturers promoting that it has only 3 net carbs or something like that. 

This is the message that food manufacturers are using to get you to buy their foods.

The low carb, no carb craze has been in the mainstream for years now.  Food manufacturers are marketing to try and steal some of that market share without having to make low carb, no carb foods.

What are net carbs anyways?

‘Net carbs’ are defined as any carbs in a food that will impact your blood sugars. Many low carb, no carb products are filled with sugar alcohols to make food taste good and to replace sugar that the manufacturers removed. These sugar alcohols do not affect your blood sugars so they don’t have to be counted as sugars or carbs on food labels.

Your body doesn’t tolerate these sugar alcohols very well and your digestive system gets a little upset. You may spend a good amount of time in the bathroom if you try to eat too many of these types of foods.

Don’t get sucked into the food manufacturers game of convincing you to buy foods that don’t have any carb impact on your body.

The reason is because you will continue to eat more of these foods which means you are eating more overall calories and fat, but you are also going to have some unpleasant time in the bathroom.

Psychologically your brain will think you can eat more food because you are only eating a few grams of net carbs, but that means other foods will also make it into your mouth and the calories will add up.

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Much like the fat-free craze back in the day when the manufacturers replaced the fat with sugar.  Everyone ate more than they usually do because they were thinking the food was fat-free and healthy. 

The result was they loaded themselves with unnecessary sugars and everyone’s weight ballooned up. 

This is why carb cycling works so well because you get to eat real carbs, avoid sugar alcohols, and enjoy your favorite foods while you lose weight. 

I teach real nutrition and the eating of real foods to lose weight and it works.

It isn’t hard to do. You just need to have the proper plan.

Carb Cycling works because it isn’t dieting.  You still get to eat favorite foods, but instead of uncontrollably eating them or subconsciously eating unhealthy foods you are timing when you eat those favorite foods. 

That is one of the keys to carb cycling.  Properly time your carb intake and it becomes much easier to lose weight while you enjoy your favorite foods.

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