Weighing Yourself Daily Is Beneficial [Are You Sure?]

marthaThis research study was released recently and they looked at weight loss for two years with these participants weighing themselves daily.  

They had the participants weigh themselves daily and also track it on a spreadsheet. 

Now this is the exact opposite of what has been recommended for successful weight loss.  

So what did they find? 

Those who lost weight the first year were able to maintain it for a second year.  This is impressive since usually 40% of the weight lost is regained after the first year. 

The head researcher David Levitsky is quoted as saying “forces you to be aware of the connection between your eating and your weight”. Research Study

Here is one important point to note that they do bring up in this study.  The difference in weight loss between men and women was significantly different.  

The men were able to lose weight and this method was much easier for them.  Women found it more difficult to weigh themselves every day and stay disciplined along with seeing weight loss success. 

It seems to work better for men than women, for reasons we cannot figure out yet,” Levitsky said

Why is that? 

I have a pretty good reason why this happened and it comes from over 16 years of experience working with females and helping them to lose weight.

It is called female hormones.

No, I am not going to bash women and their hormones.  This is a real reason for why it is harder for women to lose weight.  It is both mental and physical.

You see when a women goes through her menstrual cycle there is generally water weight gain.  Women tend to also be more sensitive to water weight gain with certain foods, spices, etc.

Well, what do you think that scale does when you have water weight gain?

Your clothes fit the same, you don’t appear to be fatter, but the scale says you are 5 pounds heavier than you were a few days ago.

How would that make you feel?

Do you think you would be discouraged?  Would you try to restrict even more calories or diet even hard to try and get that weight off?

Is your mental state still in the mode to be disciplined like this researcher suggested or would you possibly go into desperation mode and make drastic changes to get that scale to go back down?

You see for females because of their hormones that men don’t have their water weight can fluctuate more frequently.  This doesn’t mean they are gaining fat or still not losing fat.  The scale doesn’t say that though.

Through my 16 years of experience working with women I do not suggest weighing  yourself every single day.  While I admit that this study is interesting I take note that the researchers even admitted that this method did not work so well with women.

If you are a man then go ahead and weigh yourself every day and see if this helps you lose weight faster and keep it off.

If you are a women I suggest you take circumference measurements and track those results as that is measuring true fat loss and your success.


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