Simple Way To Fix Hormones That Make You Fat


Many people struggle with their weight and you may or may not be one of them.

You can do all the right things or so you think, but the weight just doesn’t come off.

It is because you are in a battle with two hormones.  On this Nutrition Quickie episode, I discuss what those two hormones are and how you can get control of them so that you lose all the weight you want.

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So do you feel like your hormones are functioning properly?

Leptin confusion or in-sensitivity is usually the biggest reason why so many struggle with weight loss.  Despite all your best efforts you keep putting too much food in your mouth even though you know you shouldn’t be doing it.  The brain overpowers your willpower.

Start cycling your carbohydrates right away so that you can fix a few things.  You fix insulin overload and you also train your brain to increase the sensitivity of leptin.  It will no longer be ignored by the brain and your brain will know that you have had plenty of food to eat.

Here is what I have used with my clients for years to optimize these two hormones and to prevent excess fat storage.



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