Fix This First To Lose Weight

Weight loss can be difficult and many times you may not know where to go next because nothing is working.

If that is happening to you then make sure you watch this short video and do this.

If you are eating the wrong foods for your body type your weight loss may continue to struggle.

You first need to optimize your liver, adrenal glands, thyroid and hormones.

I had a client who complained that she always looked 9 months pregnant and was tired of this.

So we determined which foods were best for her body type and in only 8 days she lost 6 inches off her waist.

This was all inflammation and water retention.

She had to buy new clothes as a result.  Good problem to have, right?  🙂

Once she started eating the right foods for her body type the weight started to come off quickly.

 Answer these 8 questions to determine the best food for your body type and start shedding that unwanted inflammation, water retention, fat and ultimately weight.  


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