Were you aware that inflammation is one of the leading causes of many of today’s diseases? 

Now there is some good to inflammation.

Though when it comes to these diseases and disease processes inflammation is very bad. 

Inflammation destroys healthy fat cells, which makes them unable to do their job and actually cause more weight gain.

Fat cells when healthy release hormones that help our metabolism run at a high rate of speed.  The flip side of this is that when fat cells are sick (or inflamed) it causes our metabolism to significantly slow down. 

Kind of sucks doesn’t it?  

There are plenty of hormones that help the body use fat for energy and prevent the storage of it such as leptin, resistant and adiponectin. 

When these hormone levels are high they help us to lose weight and keep our metabolism running fast. 

One thing that can turn your healthy fat cells into dysfunctional fat cells are cytokines.  They increase internal inflammation and can increase your risk of developing diabetes, metabolic syndrome and becoming obese. 

What happens is our fat cells become resistant to good or friendly hormones.

One of these cytokines that is harmful to our metabolism is a cytokine called TNF-α.  It increases internal inflammation in the body and causes the fat cells to become resistant. 

TNF-α has a pro-inflammatory response limiting your cells ability to burn off stored fat and sugar as energy. 

Your doctor is able to determine how much inflammation is in your body through a blood test.  This test determines the level of C-reactive protein, which is an indicator of inflammation in your body.  

High TNF-α levels raise C-reactive protein levels in the body. 

Another downside to high TNF-α levels is a rise in insulin resistance which leads to more fat storage. 

How Are Body Uses Fat For Energy…

Fat cells are released by the stored fat tissue and a hormone-sensitive lipase splits one molecule, sending it off to be burned and used for energy. 

What is left is another molecule of fat.  The hormone Lipoprotein lipase activates, breaking it down and sending it off to be burned for energy.

Increased levels of TNF-α decrease the lipoprotein lipase hormone.  This results in less fatty acid broken down to be used as energy. 

So these extra fatty acids then make their way to other cells and organs to be stored. 

These fat cells are stored in organs like your liver which results in increased inflammation. 

All of this is a result from the release of one cytokine!

Isn’t it crazy to believe that one cytokine can cause so much damage?

I think we can agree that high levels of TNF-α lead to a large host of problems would you agree? 

What if I told you there was a way to decrease TNF-α, which in turn helps you decrease your internal inflammation. 

The first step is to exercise with higher intensity and start to dial in your meal plans and recipes.  You first want to stop consuming unnecessary fat and sugars and feeding those dysfunctional fat cells and cytokine production. 

When you start to lose weight your Adiponectin hormone will increase and that will help you burn even more fat.  Naturally TNF-α activation also decreases. 

This is the start to repairing your dysfunctional fat cells. 

Another benefit of lowering TNF-α levels is that your body increases free Leptin, which is a powerful hormone that tells your brain when you are full.

Now your fat cells are becoming healthy again and working like they should be.

Are you seeing how fat cells actually have a purpose and can influence our weight loss or weight gain? 

We once thought that fat cells were just dead weight we carried around and wasn’t metabolically active, but new research has shown us that this isn’t the case. 

When you make sure your fat cells are healthy and not dysfunctional you end up with a higher sensitivity to hormones that are secreted by your fat cells and other organs and you have a lower level of internal inflammation that can lead to various diseases when it is out of control. 

You have essentially taken control of your body and your fat cells with improved nutrition and made them work with you instead of against you. 

Start dialing in your meal plans and recipes and lowering your TNF-α levels and internal inflammation. 


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