Can’t Lose Weight? Why You Need To Increase Your β3 cells

Why do you want to stimulate your β-cells?

Before we get into why you want to stimulate your β-cells for greater fat loss lets first understand what β-cells are. 

It requires a lot of communication between different physiological processes within your body to stimulate fat burning. 

Your body will first produce epinephrine and norepinehrine and this stimulates the release of sugar and stored fatty acids that head to the muscles to be burned as energy. 

The epinephrine binds to the surface of the cells which stimulates β3 receptor cells.  This then triggers other enzymes and hormones in the body, which causes a cascade of events that start the fat burning process.

β3 receptor cells are found not just in your stored fat, but also in your bladder, gallbladder and brown adipose tissue (ie: brown fat). 

The main responsibility of β3 cells is to stimulate lipolysis and thermogenesis in both types of human fat cells.

Which fruit is key to stimulating these β3 cells?

There has been an extract of a citrus fruit called citrus aurantium that has been widely used as a way to help with weight loss.  In the 90’s many people used ephedra and while it worked it was found to also be dangerous and potentially life threatening if mis-used.  So researchers went back to work to find something else that was obviously safer and hopefully just as effective as ephedra. 

What they found was citrus aurantium or what many called ‘bitter orange’. 

Citrus aurantium is a natural beta adrenergic agonist.  This means it stimulates β3 cells.  This nutrient can increase metabolism, stimulate lipolysis to be used by your muscles.

One issue researchers faced with conventional ‘bitter orange’ is that it contains a component called synephrine, which is very similar to ephedra.  So the fear was that ‘bitter orange’ that contains synephrine would have the same effects that ephedra did before it was banned and pulled from the market.

thermogenicPostItNoteResearch done by Stohs et al. determined that an isomer of synephrine called p-synephrine (Advantra Z) was deemed to be safe with no adverse reactions.  They also have documentation of millions of consumers that have used citrus aurantium containing the p-synephrine (Advantra Z) with no reported adverse affects.  It has even been approved by Health Canada for use and consumption. 

So how does it work?

The β-adrenergic agonist is introduced and stimulates cells to being the process of lipolysis (fat burning).  This prolonged exposure to β-adrenergic agonists increases fat oxidation and activation.  Along with an elevated metabolic rate.

To summarize…

The more you can activate β-adrenergic cells which are found in white fat tissue and brown fat tissue you increase the break down of the stored fatty acids to be used for energy. 

Advantra Z (citrus aurantium p-synephrine) helps to stimulate the β-adrenergic cells and therefore increases your metabolic rate, thermogenesis in brown fat and can add appetite suppression to the benefits leading you to feel fuller after and between meals.  It is a safe and effective way to lose weight and increase your metabolism with no reported adverse side effects. 

Learn what we did with Advantra Z and a few other key ingredients to turn the fat loss supplement world on its head.  Not only did we create a fat burning formula, but we then had it scrutinized in two different clinical research studies. 

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