Can You Actually Burn Fat?

I know you have heard about how you can actually burn fat for energy or burn more fat to lose weight faster.  

Do you know if you are actually burning fat or what you need to do to burn those fat cells? 

Dr. Walsh is here to explain what this actually means and an ingredient that will help you actually burn fatty acids for energy.  


Dr. Walsh mentioned a specific nutrient that will help with burning these fatty acids and it was called Raspberry Ketones.  

Clinical studies have been done on a specific raspberry ketone called RazK.  It just isn’t a plain generic raspberry ketone.  Those types do nothing for you.  You need to use a special extract and RazK has scientific proof that it helps to burn those fat cells.  

One other study has shown RazK to work even better when combined with a few other select nutrients.  Just click the image below to read about how RazK and these other nutrients accelerated fat loss 3X greater than those taking the placebo and they had 8x greater loss around their waist than the placebo participants. 

Here is just a few of the participants who have had success with this formula. 

Jennifer Morales lost 17 pounds of fat and gained lean muscle in only 8 weeks. 

Read Wess Ripley’s comment to Billy Beck regarding his 50+ pounds of weight loss. 


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