Are You A Fast Eater?

If you are a fast or rapid eater then pay close attention to what I explain in this short video below.

You will learn the damage that can be caused from being a rapid eater.

You will also learn the simple trick I use with my clients to break them of eating too fast.

If you have any tips you use to prevent yourself from eating too fast please leave them in the comments below so that others can benefit from your tip.


Slow down that eating and you will find that you naturally eat few calories and less food.  You may even find yourself starting to lose weight without even dieting.  

Also, make sure you are eating healthy recipes.  

Over the years I have compiled a few hundred recipes that I use with my clients while they are following the flexible carb cycling diet I teach them.  

You can get those recipes at no cost today.  It is my way of thanking you for listening to me, reading my tips and rewarding me with the opportunity to help you live a healthier life.  

Go get your 197 Healthy Recipes right now by clicking here or clicking the image below >>



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