8 Amazing Foods That Crush Food Cravings


These 8 foods listed below are not only amazing craving-crushing foods they are also loaded with powerful antioxidants, fiber, and other powerful health benefit properties such as lower cholesterol, risk reduction of heart disease and cancer, etc.  

1.  Chia Seeds

Not only are Chia Seeds amazingly healthy (see health benefits of chia seeds).  They can also absorb up to 12 times their weight in water.  This means they are immensely filling and will crush those food cravings. 

They are also high in Omega-3 fats, powerful antioxidants, iron, and calcium. 

2.  Broccoli

This vegetable is high in fiber and very low in calories.  It is considered one of the healthiest foods you could ever eat.  (Why is broccoli considered on of the healthiest foods?)

3.  Oatmeal

If you tend to get cravings in the morning oatmeal is an excellent craving-crushing food.  Real oatmeal and not instant oatmeal is loaded with fiber and can even have up to 6gms of protein per serving.

You will also lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease by including oatmeal into your morning routine.  Add some walnuts or even chia seeds and boost the craving-crushing power even more. 

4.  Avocado

Add this to your eggs in the morning or a chicken or steak salad at lunch and you will find that you are not hungry later and your cravings are gone. 

Avocados are loaded with healthy fats that squash any craving you may have.  You also get the benefit of omega-3 fats when you include some avocado into your meals.

Here is one of the ways I like to include Avocado into my meals  (Delicious Avocado Burger Recipe)

5.  Brussel Sprouts

This food is right up there with Broccoli in regards to health benefits.  It is even recommended by the American Cancer Society because it can stimulate enzymes in the body to detoxify carcinogens. 

Oh yeh they also contain a lot of fiber that will have you feeling full for hours.  They can be roasted, steamed or sautéed.  Here is a delicious recipe I like to eat when using Brussel sprouts.  (Delicious Brussel Sprouts recipe here)

6.  Beans (Kidney or Black Beans)

These beans absorb a lot of water due to their high level of hydrophilic properties.  This provides fullness and crushes cravings. 

They are great to use in soups, wraps (black beans), and of course chili.   

7.  Oranges

Believe it or not, oranges are a great craving-crushing food.  They provide volume in your stomach to shut down cravings, the pith (white stuff around the orange contains pectin which provides volume in your stomach. 

They are also loaded with Vitamin C, A, B-complex vitamins, potassium, and calcium.

8.  Konjac Noodles

Check out this special noodle that is not only starch free, but full of fiber and absorbs the flavor of the ingredients you add to it.  

It is called Konjac Glucomannan.  

This noodle is a natural water-soluble dietary fiber that is starch and protein free. 

It contains zero net carbs and zero net calories. 

It is also wheat and gluten free. 

They can be eaten cold or hot.  They are very versatile.  

Here is a delicious recipe using these Zero Carb Konjac Glucomannan noodles.

Balsamic Konjac Pasta >>

Any foods considered Hydrophilic meaning they absorb a lot of water are going to be good craving-crushing foods.  That usually also means they are high in fiber. 

So look for foods that are high in fiber and you will easily be able to crush those cravings and avoid those sweets and unhealthy snacks. 

Here are a few recipes for you that you will enjoy. 

Karen_Roth_SpinachBenefitsMost unique spinach recipe you have ever seen right here. 

almond_chic_salad1Refreshing quick and easy lunch recipe that takes only a few minutes to make 

basmati riceFollow these new steps researchers uncovered to reduce your absorption of carbohydrates specifically from rice.  

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