3 Simple Hacks To Lose More Weight


Weight loss is always a struggle for many.  They try so hard and yet the pounds just don’t come off like they want them to. 

It seems unfair that some people can lose weight at will when they change their diet. 

What gives? 

“What are they doing that is different than what I am doing?”

Let’s set the background for these struggles before we get into what they are doing that sheds the extra pounds. 

If you are overweight, have worsening blood pressure or have worsening blood sugars then you have what is called “sick” fat cells.  These sick fat cells wreak havoc on those trying to lose weight.  In a nutshell, sick fat cells cause insulin to not work like it should and you end up with too many fats floating around in your blood. 

These add up to you NOT losing weight, but actually gaining weight instead because of the dysfunction that is happening with your fat cells and insulin.

So for those that are able to lose weight at will here are some of the things they are doing to make that happen and actually heal their sick dysfunctional fat cells. 

Simple Fat Loss Hack #1:  Change out your plates

If you look back 40 years or more our dinner plates were not the size that they are today.  We didn’t have the Super Size option at McDonalds and restaurants weren’t competing to serve more food for the cheapest price. 

Over the years we have conditioned ourselves expecting that we need to eat more food than we actually require.   This is a big part of our health issues and weight issues we have today.

The simple hack for this is to swap out your dinner plates.  If you have a dinner set then you have large plates and smaller plates sometimes called saucer plates.

Use those smaller plates for your dinner plate.  This is the easiest and simplest hack to consuming fewer calories.  We unconsciously fill our plate up so that it is full and don’t even realize that we are eating hundreds of unneeded calories. 

Instead use the smaller saucer size plates and fill them up with vegetables, fiber-rich foods, and protein.  Visually you are telling your brain that you are eating a large meal because your plate is full when in fact you are consuming fewer calories.

Bonus Hack:  When you are done eating if it hasn’t been 20 minutes since you started eating drink a glass of water and wait until you have hit the 20-minute mark.  At that point assess if you are still hungry or not before you go back for seconds.

Simple Fat Loss Hack #2:  Divide your plate in this ratio

When you have your plate in front of you divide it up in this manner to ensure you have metabolism boosting foods and are not overeating on too many sugars. 

Divide your smaller plate into quarters.  One-quarter you are going to put fibrous vegetables.  Another quarter you are going to put your starch like quinoa or black rice. 

Now you have half your plate left or two quarters.  You are going to fill this with lean protein. 

Dividing up your plate in this manner provide you with metabolism-boosting nutrients like the one we are going to talk about in the next simple fat loss hack.

Simple Fat Loss Hack #3:  Increase your protein intake

Researchers from the University of Illinois found that when who consumed higher protein amounts had significant reductions in cholesterol, triglycerides and also fat loss compared to the group who had lower protein intake and higher carbohydrates. 

They also found that the lower protein, higher carbohydrate group had a higher insulin response to meals and post-meal hypoglycemia.  The higher protein group reported greater satiety and fullness between meals. 

To summarize the higher protein group lost considerably more fat despite consuming the same amount of calories as the lower protein group.  What these researchers uncovered is that protein can help you burn more fat more so than other nutrients. 

Here’s how it does this…

It is called the Thermic Effect Of Feeding (TEF).

TEF is the number of calories required to metabolize the nutrients or foods you eat.  When you eat carbohydrates about 10-14% of the calories you consume are used up to metabolize the carb nutrients.  So if you ate 100 calories of carbs your body would use 10-14 calories to digest and utilize those 100 calories. 

Fat requirements are even lower at around 5-6%.  So 100 calories of fat only require 5-6 calories to digest the fat nutrient. 

Protein, on the other hand, isn’t even close to either of these. 

Protein requires 27-35 calories for every 100 calories of protein consumed.  That is 2-3x more than carbs and 5-7x more than fat. 

That is why protein was so effective in the research studies I mentioned because your body is required to burn up 27-35% of the protein calories you consume.  This significantly helps your fat burning efforts. 

So how much protein do you NEED each day to achieve these same results?

For years I have been teaching my clients to consume 1 gram of quality protein per pound of their ideal body weight.   This is what I have found to be ideal for maximum fat loss.  This works out to be around 35% of your daily caloric intake. 

A recent breakthrough has just validated what I have been doing for years in a study that was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. 

So what does this mean to you who lives in the real world and how do you apply it to your lifestyle. 

Here is a real-life case study of a woman who has struggled with trying to lose weight over the years.  In 8 weeks she was down 22 pounds and had lost 6-8 inches of fat from her body.  She accomplished this by consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of ideal body weight.  She also did a few other key tips to maximize her fat burning potential.

Her meal plans followed a flexible carb cycling format where she cycled her carbohydrates.  So each day she consumed 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight along with fibrous vegetables.  She also cycled her carbohydrates by eating normal carbs one day and then on day 2 she would eat a specific amount of lower carbs and on day 3 she wouldn’t eat any carbs. 

She then cycled this every 3 days.  The beauty of it is she still gets to eat delicious meals and her mind and body are not being deprived of carbs.  They are just being cycled or reduced on certain days.  It is easy for her to follow and she doesn’t feel like she is dieting at all. 

She told me that this is the easiest and most successful weight loss program she has ever followed. 

That is how powerful protein can be to helping you lose weight and when combined with a flexible carb cycling program so your body isn’t being deprived of carbs.  Overall you are consuming fewer carbs and your weight loss takes off just like this woman has done with her body fat. 

Start implementing these simple fat loss hacks today and start shedding those excess pounds. 

If you want to learn more about the exact program that this woman in the real life case study followed click the Next Page image below to read all about it. 

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