Include These Foods For A Flat Belly

This is a quick and easy list.  One of these foods I am sure you know about.  The two other foods may be new to you and today you will understand why you should include these foods for a flat belly.  

Make a habit of eating the correct foods and your day will be filled up with foods that help you achieve a flat belly. 


1.  Eggs

It still surprises me that even today eggs still get a bad rap and many are scared to eat them thinking that they cause heart disease, raise cholesterol and make you fatter.  

More research keeps coming out showing that eggs are healthy for us and provide nutrients that may help improve blood pressure and help you to burn fat.  

You can't beat the high quality protein and amino acids that a whole egg provides.  Research has shown that those who eat eggs for breakast lose more weight those those who have a carb heavy breakfast.  

2.  Apples

Did you know that apples have a hidden fat loss secret?  Not only do apples contain loads of fiber which helps control blood sugars and insulin spikes as well as slow the digestion process, but they contain another secret weapon. 

Apples contain a nutrient called pectin that is found in the skin of the apple.  Pectin may help you block the absorption of some fat.  

So eat your apples including the skin to make sure you consume pectin that may help you block the absorption of some of the fat you consume.  

3.  Cinnamon

We wouldn't consider this a food, but rather a spice.  Either way you should include this into your meal plans.  It has been used for years by people to help control their blood sugars.  

This is important because if you control your blood sugars you then better control insulin spikes which can lead to un-necessary fat storage.  

Include this spice into your breakfasts, protein shakes, or snacks to better control your blood sugars at your meals.


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