Do You Eat These Snacks For Fat Loss?

There are a lot of snacks we eat whether they be good or bad.  Are they helping us lose fat or hurting us?  Do we think they are healthy and in actuality these snacks are hurting us?  

Many foods while they seem healthy, look innocent and from what we think help us to lose more fat are actually hindering our fat loss.  

Here are a few snacks that you should AVOID if you want to keep losing fat.  


1.  Yogurt with fruit on the bottom

Yogurt is great for facilitating fat loss until we add a few select toppings to it.  One of those being fruit.  That doesn't mean all fruit.  A few slices of fresh fruit on top of some greek yogurt it not harmful.  What is harmful is the yogurt we see on the grocery store shelves that has fruit at the bottom.  This is not fresh fruit, but rather processed fruit and it contains more calories and sugar than you shoulld normally be consuming if you want to lose fat.  

So be picky when select your yogurt and go for vanilla or plain greek yogurt and if you want an addition to it then add a few slices of fresh fruit.  


2.  Pretzels

A few pretzels don't hurt us do they?  How harmful is a handful of pretzels?  Well, that handful can be very harmful becuase it generally leads to a second handful or a third.  What did you get from those pretzels?  You consumed white processed flour that raised your blood sugars and spiked your insulin levels.  Definitely not what you want for accelerated fat loss.  

Instead consume a handful of almonds or other healthy nuts.  They contain healthy fats, vitamins and minerals as well as protein.  All nutrients that help you to lose more fat.  


3.  Diet Soda

I thought diet soda was perfectly fine for us?  I mean it doesn't contain any calories so why would it harm us?  

Research is showing that for some individuals it can quietly derail our fat loss and cause us to crave foods we may not normally crave.  This can lead to overeating and weight gain rather than fat loss.  

Instead choose water and better yet flavored water with lime or lemon if you need some type of flavor to your drinks.  It is thirst quenching, doesn't contain any calories and helps promote fat burning.  


We know snacking is good for accelerating fat loss, but the key is smart snacking.  When you choose your snacks think about how they will impact your overall fat loss goals and if the foods you put in your mouth will get you to that goal quicker.  


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