Are You Mentally Ready To Lose Weight?


The big question that is always out there.

Are YOU Ready To Lose Weight?

When you first start to attempt to lose weight lots of change is going to occur.

Your eating habits will change to more healthier options.

Your free time of lounging around and watching TV will be replaced with exercise and being active.

You will even have to buy smaller clothes when your waistline starts shrinking.

You may be forgetting one last change though.  What is it you ask?


If you don’t prepare your mind for all these changes your healthy eating plans, increased exercise and anything else related to successful weight loss will be wasted and you will never get to buy those smaller clothes. 

Take a cue from many of the contestants you see on a popular weight loss show that has the word “Biggest” in the title.  You know which show I am talking about.  🙂

Many of the contestants lost crazy amounts of weight and once they returned home many of them gained it all back and then some.  Some were even winners of the show. 

One year later they revisited the past winners to find out most if not all the weight came back.

Why and how did that happen?

It is simple really. They didn’t have the right mental state of mind to deal with all the changes that were taking place once they came back home.  Such as work, family, kids, responsibilities. 

These are things we all deal with every single day.

So before you start your new weight loss journey make sure that you are ready mentally for the changes that are going to take place.

Don’t defeat yourself before you even begin.

Question:  (Leave Your Reply Below)

What is your biggest struggle regarding nutrition or exercise? 

Leave your reply in the comments below and I will help provide answers and steps for you to get past your biggest struggle or obstacleIt is important that you participate in this so that I can help you.  I want to provide solutions for you, but I need to know your biggest struggles and obstacles first. 


PS:  If knowing what to eat and scheduling your meal plans is going to be one of those mental hurdles that you think are you not ready for then I have a solution for you here >>





  1. Pamela Payne-Wilson says:


  2. michelle says:

    Findind the time as i work long hrs and shift work.

  3. jean spencer says:

    I have gleaned a lot from learning to transform to healthy eating. BUT my hip pain keeps me from many activities. I try walking and am soon in pain and limping. Altho doctors have given me opiates for pain, I rarely resort to taking them. Surgery would be for a new hip but I've ruled that out since I have noone to care for me for the months of recuperations. I try to be as active as I can, but getting in and out of the car is all I can manage some days. I do resistance upper body exercises and dance around my house and live on the 2nd floor, but those don't translate to stamina or weight loss. I used to jog and play tennis and swim. But for the last 3 years I've so restricted my activities because of the hip, lower back and neck pain and repurcussions of doing too much, that I'm at a loss and would love to start the new year with some truly active activities.

    1. Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS says:

      I am sorry to hear about all your ailments. That has to be tough to deal with. Since a high volume of exercise is not in the equation I would really focus on the nutrition side of things. Your nutrition needs to be more dialed in than others because of the inability to exercise enough. Have you tried a flexible carb cycling way of eating? It would work well with dialing in your nutrition and making sure you are not overeating or eating too many calories. You can read more about this way of eating here.

  4. Carelyne Masepela says:

    My bigggest struggle with nutrition is overeating. I am an emotional eater and most of the time eat until I am uncofortable. I also like to eat sweet foods. As for exercising, I have no decipline and I am highly unmotivated. On the days where I do exercise I try to work very hard.

    1. Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS says:

      I would suggest making sure every meal you have lean protein with it. Ideally, 2 sections of your plate should be protein, 1 section vegetable and 1 section a starch or carb. That should help with the overeating as the protein will keep you fuller for a longer period of time.

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