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We need to talk… (can you jump on a call today?)

Nutrition-Quickie-Show-LogoDid you know that almost everyday I do a LIVE video chat ON MY PHONE with health enthusiasts like YOU talking about simple to do nutrition tips and answering YOUR questions… for FREE!?!?!

Ya…  I was wondering why you weren’t showing up.

Well, now you know… and you have NO EXCUSE… YOU NEED TO BE ON THESE LIVE!

So – the next question is HOW do you get on?

Just follow these simple instructions:

Step #1 – Like My FB page:


Step #2 – Get notified of new shows once a week.

Once a week I will send out a recap email with the links to that week’s Nutrition Quickie episodes.

That way if you can’t watch them live you will be able to go back and watch them on the weekend.

Just enter your email below to be notified 1x a week with the Nutrition Quickie recap:

Step #3 – Join Us LIVE Almost Every Day!

The last step, is EVERY Mon-Fri at 3:45pm EST/2:45pm CST/ 12:45pm PST, drop EVERYTHING and come hang out with me LIVE:

Sound good?

Awesome – I’ll talk to you soon!


Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
Owner of
C0-Owner of Prograde Nutrition



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