What’s For Dinner


Do you know what you are making tonight for dinner? 

How about tomorrow? 

This is one of the biggest struggles we make as adults and many times it is worse when we have a family and children participating in after school sports or activities. 

Dinner is the last thing on our mind so when it comes time to prepare dinner we either don’t have the food available or we don’t have enough time to make something because we didn’t plan ahead. 

Here is an interesting stat…

This was conducted a couple years ago showing that 28% of the population eats out at least 1x a week at a fast food type restaurant. 

24% eat out twice a week and almost 16% eat out three times a week.


So where do you reside in this chart? 

Just recently for the first time ever people are spending more money on dining out than they are on buying groceries. 

Do you eat out because you want to or because life is hectic and sometimes you just don’t have time to think about your meal planning? 

It is a common struggle that many deal with. 


Fortunately, there are some simple solutions you can do to defeat these struggles and be on top of your food intake each and every day regardless of the chaos that it may bring. 

The simplest solution is to plan out what you are going to eat the night before or a couple days before if that is easier.

Now you may still not hit 100% of goal regarding what you are going to eat, but as long as you hit 80-90% then you are golden. 

Having a game plan going into a day will bring so much more success your way than winging it. 

Especially since eating out for one person or even a family of four can be terribly expensive.  Even if you order pizza it is probably going to be $25 to feed the family. 

If you were able to plan ahead and have a meal ready to eat or make it would only cost you about $8-10. 

Not only are you saving money, but you are eating healthy, not over-consuming and continuing on your path of reaching your goals. 

If planning is your biggest obstacle then I have a solution for this as well. 

It is called Simple Healthy Meal Plans and it is a done for you meal plan that is different every day. 

Not only is it a flexible carb cycling type of meal plan, but the meals change so you are not eating the same foods day after day. 

You never get tired or bored with the “same old” foods. 

It is planned out for you on what you are eating throughout the day and it is designed for families also.  So you won’t be making meals just for you and separate meals for the rest of the family. 

You can learn more about these Simple Healthy Meal Plans here >>


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