What Does Bacteria Have To Do With Healthy Meal Plans?

More than you will ever know.  

Bacteria can be the key to proper digestion or poor digestion of food.  Optimal utilization or poor utilization of nutrients and on and on.  

Have you ever really thought about what makes your body function?  How does the food digest, how does it get absorbed and used?  Without going crazy technical on you I do want you to learn about this one thing called bacteria.

You may have heard about probiotics before, but don’t really know what they are for or how they can help you. 

I have a short video from Dr. Walsh explaining in simple language why good bacteria is good and why bad bacteria is sooo bad. 

Take a look below and you will get a really good understanding on the importance of bacteria. 

So as you learned we have 5-10 lbs of living bacteria inside us. Hopefully your 5-10 lbs is more good bacteria than bad. 

When your bacteria is shifted more towards bad bacteria you end up with dysbiosis and this is an imbalance of more bad bacteria than good bacteria.

When you have dysbiosis you create lipopollysaccharides and this can ruin your health.

Lipopollysaccharides decrease your bodies ability to utilize leptin which the hormone leptin helps you to feel full and prevents you from overeating.  On the other side it increases Ghrelin which is another hormone and it makes your body feel hungry and causes you to eat more.  In a perfect situation you want the hormone Ghrelin low and Leptin high. 

Lipopollysaccharides have also been shown to also decrease the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in your brain.  When these are low we tend to have more cravings for things such as sugar and carbs.

Dysbiosis and the formation of lipopolllysaccharides increases leaky gut syndrome and also increases cortisol which increases blood sugar.  Increased blood sugar is not good for anyone looking to lose weight let alone control any diabetic type effects.

It can also actually completely shut down your thyroid hormone and when this happens you can kiss any weight loss goodbye.  This hormone is a major controller to you losing weight. 

What do you do? 

The easiest thing you can do is consume probiotics to balance out the good vs bad bacteria and eliminate the formation of lipopollysaccharides.  Shift that pendulum towards good bacteria and these type of health issues all but disappear. 

To learn more about your gut bacteria and how it influences your health grab this free pdf on microbesity and gut health.  It is my gift to you for showing an interest in your long term health.


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