Want To Lose 10 Pounds In A Month?

almond_chic_salad1I was digging through my recipes to find what I wanted to make for lunch this week.  I also set a new goal for myself.  Lose 10 pounds in a month.  

Now I probably only have about 10 pounds of fat to lose and I will into single digits for bodyfat percentage.  It isn’t that I have to lose 10 pounds, but I feel it is always good to have goals you should be shooting for.  

Whether it is cutting out sugar, losing 10 pounds in a month or losing 10 pounds in a week.  It doesn’t matter what your goals are, but you should always have goals and here’s why. 

When you don’t have a goal then it is much easier to eat that cupcake or buy those cookies.  There is nothing reminding you or nothing you are focusing on to make sure your healthy eating plans stay healthy.  

If I don’t have a goal to achieve or on my mind then there is no alarm going off when you eat a high calorie dessert after dinner 3 nights in a row.  If you had a goal maybe you only eat that dessert one time. 

So if you don’t have a goal take the next 10 minutes and think of a goal and then write it down.  It can be super simple such as I won’t eat more than 1 dessert this week.  

Since I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and see if I can put on myself and still lose a little fat I chose “Lose 10 pounds in a month” as my goal.  Now since I am also strength training and trying to add muscle I have to measure this in a certain way.  

The scale is out because if I build 1 pound of muscle and lose 1 pound of fat the scale is going to tell me I have made zero progress.  So I will measure my success by taking circumference measurements and bodyfat percentage measurements.  This way I know exactly how much fat I have lost.  

So now that I have set my goal it is immediately reminding me to look at my meal plans a little closer.  So I found this recipe and made a few adjustments to it to add extra flavor to it.  I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I am right now, but before you do follow these steps. 

1.  Set your current goal. (It could be losing 10 pounds in a month like me or just cutting out sugar.) 
2.  Look at your meal plans and adjust accordingly to meet your goal.  

That’s it.  Let’s get started together.  

Almond Chicken Salad

1 1/2 cups diced, cooked chicken breast (about 1 . 5 –ounce chicken breasts) almond_chic_salad2
1 cup halved, seedless red grapes
1/4 cup celery
1/4 cup vanilla greek yogurt
1 Tbsp. Slivered almonds
1/2 tsp. Freshly ground pepper
1 cup thinly diced granny smith apple


Combine the chicken, grapes, celery, yogurt, almonds, apple and pepper together in a medium bowl and mix well.

That’s all there is to it.  Simple, quick and healthy.  It is the perfect meal to help me reach my goal.  

What is your goal? Leave your goal below so we can all help hold each other accountable.  I expect you to hold me accountable.  🙂

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