Top 3 Ways To Eat Healthier Recipes and Lose More Weight

woman-writing-in-log_200Now is the time of the year that everyone is trying to follow New Year Resolutions (which I hate just so you know… see why).  So they are checking out the latest weight loss books and looking for the best diets to follow. 

They may also be designing this elaborate plan to lose all the excess weight and look like the fitness model on this months cover of Women’s Fitness. 

That isn’t what you are going to do though. 

You have created your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and are going to reach mini milestones each month until you reach your BHAG.

Here are the top 3 simplest ways to eat healthier this month and every month after this to reach your goal.

Top 3 Ways To Eating Healthy

1.  Limit the white stuff

I know you already know to avoid the sugar filled cookies, doughnuts and enormous bagels.  That is the obvious.  Have you looked at the labels of the processed foods you are eating though.  Maybe even the “diet” foods.  Most contain a large amount of hidden sugars and why they end up tasting so good. 

Now some sugar is essential and I am not saying you should cut out all sugar entirely.  What I am saying is look at those food labels and substitute the foods you eat now that contain those hidden sugars and instead eat something that is more natural and healthy for you.  It is like those who cut out sugar soft drinks and end up saving 300 or more calories a day.  The same thing can happen when you cut out the processed foods that contain hidden sugars.

2.  Get rid of the “rewards” or “goodies” you keep around for those special occasions

If you are one who likes to keep a few treats around in times of stress or to reward yourself when you feel you deserve it then I suggest you get rid of those goodies.  You are not alone if you do keep this food around.  You are one of millions who do the same thing. 

The problem is you are most likely eating more than you think you are and more than what you ever planned to do.  One small hershey kiss turns into 3.  Then maybe you start to do that twice a day instead of 1x a day.  Most people don’t even know this is occurring unless they write down everything they consume and keep a record of it. 

So the easiest way to cut out those extra calories and eat healthier is to eliminate the opportunity.  Get rid of the unhealthy food so even his you desired it, well you can’t have it because it isn’t in the house.  Instead you have healthier options like fruit to satisfy that craving.

3.  Include more fiber into your healthy recipes.

Fiber is abundant in sprouted grains, sprouted bread, fruit and vegetables.  The soluble fiber found in these types of foods make it harder for your own digestive enzymes to break down food.  The result is a slower release of blood sugar into your body and that means better better blood sugar control.

The insoluble fiber is also beneficial because it travels through the body undigested and provided fullness so you don’t have that desire to keep eating.  Your goal for fiber intake should be 25-30 grams per day.  This isn’t that hard to reach if you include plenty of fruits and vegetables and sprouted grain breads into your healthy recipes and meal plans. 

Combine this with an 8oz glass of water at each meal time and you just found the best appetite suppressing solution ever created.  Yes, it was created with the natural fiber filled foods you eat and water.  How simpler could it get than that?

[ctt title=”Best Appetite Suppressant EVER!: 8oz glass of water and fiber with every meal.” tweet=”Nutrition tip from @jaysonrd: Best Appetite Suppressant EVER!: 8oz glass of water and fiber with every meal.” coverup=”qP7UR”]

Incorporate these 3 steps into your healthy meal plans today and you will find after 1 month that your weight will be dropping, you will be eating less overall food and your health will skyrocket. 


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