Sweet Memories

Enjoy that soft drink now because you may not even remember it later. 

Where your blood sugar level consistently runs at in your body may determine if you are at an increased risk for this disease later.

Do you know how much sugar you actually consume in a given year?  I have a little quiz for you in this short video.

Before I get to the quiz you need to know that a study was conducted in Australia on blood sugar levels.  They looked at healthy people for 4 years and what they found was disturbing.

In this 4 year study the healthy people with the highest levels  in the normal range of blood sugar (92-110mg/dl) had the greatest shrinkage in the region of the brain responsible for memory.

These individuals didn't have diabetes or even pre-diabetes. 

They per the medical definition were in the normal range for blood sugar control, but were at the higher end of that range meaning their numbers were closer to 110mg/dl. 

That is scary given the fact that every doctor in the world would normally say "great job your blood sugars look great"

The fact is excess sugar in your blood does promote blood clotting and this can deprive your brain of blood and oxygen. 

This doesn't mean all sugar is bad, but it does mean that EXCESS sugar consumption is bad. 

I have a little test you can give yourself below in this video so you can determine how much sugar you consume and if it is too much or not. 


How did you do?  Do you fall into the Average American sugar consumption level?  Are you better or are you worse? 

Leave your results below so we can identify areas that we all can focus on to improve or lower our excess sugar consumption. 

Also, don't forget to share this with your friends and family by clicking one of share buttons below.  Ask them to figure out how much sugar they consume in a year as well.

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