Need to lose weight fast eat two eggs a day

Why Did They Never Tell You This About EGGS?

There is still this misconception that eggs are bad for you or that you can’t eat more than 3 eggs in a week.  If you do you will develop high cholesterol and fat filled arteries.

Well, I am here to tell you that this isn’t true.

So why am I correct on on this?

It goes as far back as the 1960’s when consumers were first warned about the cholesterol that was in eggs, yet there was no real evidence supporting these warnings.  Then the news media took over and spread around this information that still had no credible evidence that it was true.

Eggs were made to be the evil villain and egg substitutes became all the rage.  Especially with individuals needing to lose weight fast.  They would avoid eggs not just because of these proposed health risks, but they thought it wouldn’t help with weight loss.

I am here today to tell you the facts and the importance of Eggs not only for your health, but also if you want to lose weight.

Eggs are an inexpensive form of high quality protein that you can enjoy in numerous different ways.  Most foods that are high in protein quality are measured with a protein quality score.  They are measured in how well they promote cell growth.  This is called biological value.

Eggs are 2nd in comparison to these foods.  The only protein source that has a higher biological value is mother’s milk.

A score of 100 represents the highest score a food can achieve.


Whole Egg 94
Milk 85
Fish 76
Beef 74
Soybeans 73
Beans, Dry 58


Eggs are a powerhouse for naturally occurring Vitamin D and Vitamin K.  These nutrients are known for cancer protection.

eggEggs are the highest source of dietary choline which is 125mg per egg.  Choline is a necessary nutrient that is used for proper central nervous system development.  It is also necessary for the structural integrity of cell membranes. 

Some eggs contain as much as 200mg of DHA the essential omega 3 fatty acid that is needed by all humans for normal development and functions. 

A whole eggs also contains 166mcg of lutein and zeaxanthin.  These powerful antioxidants help with eye health and can help with common causes of age related blindness. 

The Eggs You Eat Do Not Cause Heart Disease

Here are some published studies showing that Eggs are not the evil villain everyone thought it was. 

  • “Revisiting Dietary Cholesterol Recommendations: Does the Evidence Support a Limit of 300 mg/d?”.  This study shows that to date there is no evidence supporting eggs contribute to heart disease.  There is also no epidemiological evidence indicating that you should limit your cholesterol intake to 300mg/dl or less.   
  • “Dietary Cholesterol from Eggs Increases Plasma HDL Cholesterol in Overweight Men Consuming a Carbohydrate-Restricted Diet”.  This study shows that good cholesterol (HDL) can be increased in those who are susceptible to heart disease by reducing carb intake and consuming eggs regularly.
  • “Pre-menopausal women, classified as hypo- or hyper-responders, do not alter their LDL/HDL ratio following a high dietary cholesterol challenge”.  In this study 50 women were given a egg a day or other cholesterol from other sources and found that they did not develop any atherogenic issues.

 So the bottom line is that Eggs DO NOT cause heart disease or raise your cholesterol levels.  There are other factors influencing your risk for heart disease such as foods that elicit an inflammatory response within your body or overconsumption of sugars that would trigger higher blood sugar levels is also a contributor. 

Eating an egg or two a day will actually provide you with high quality protein and other essential nutrients that I described above.  It will provide fullness and satiety as well.  

For the record I have eaten 3 eggs a day six days a week for the last 10 years and my blood markers all look great.  My cholesterol has never been elevated and my LDL and triglyceride numbers are low.  

So don’t be afraid to include eggs into your healthy eating plans add one more food into your meal plans. 

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