Lose Weight Faster With Cheat Days

FatFightingTipVideoScrnshtEver wonder if cheat days work?

Ever wonder why someone would include a cheat day to lose weight faster?

Your body is a sensitive mechanism and cheat days can make sure your fat burning hormones are working optimally and aren’t too low, which halts fat loss immediately.  Mess up these hormones and kiss weight loss good bye.  All you will be saying is “I can’t lose weight”.

Watch this short video below and I will teach you why you should include a cheat day into your weight loss meal plans.

If you need help with designing your healthy meal plans then make sure you grab this FREE 30 days of meal plans and recipes.  They are designed by me a Registered Dietitian and have been utilized by over 14, 342 people to help them lose weight fast.  Here is what one satisfied reader has had to say about these meal plans and recipes.

jangrant“Well, today’s a good day for me to give you feedback on how things are going for me:  it’s my 54th birthday and I’m more aware than ever before that my body is something to make a priority and to safeguard against many of the preventable aging issues.I can tell you that after about 10 days of the your program, I have lost nearly five pounds, feel better and look forward to losing more weight.

I have already shared my belief in your program because after many jump starts with trying various approaches to diet and exercise, I am convinced this is a very predictable, manageable, nutritional program and it does get results. I really like having the sample menus laid out and that allows me to make sure I’m prepared with all the groceries I will need. I love having new recipes that integrate what I’ve learned in your program into practical application.

The keys to success are: following the plan to the letter at first so that you know you have given yourself the best possible odds for success; planning, planning, planning so you have the food you need; keep your eye on the prize – do NOT hesitate to climb back into the carb rotation plan IMMEDIATELY if you do have a slip; and celebrating the healthy foods you are eating. My dinner plates are colorful, appetizing and I feel good about myself when I look at all the fresh produce or “live” food, as I call it.

I think the thing I’m most excited about your program is that it really feels like a program I can live with for the rest of my life. I don’t feel like I’ve gone into Diet Brain mode where I’m on this plan until I’m off this plan.  It’s not a deprivation issue, it’s a planning and focus issue. I can do this! I’m not hungry, there is plenty of healthy, fresh food coming in a few hours, no matter what, and I’m really liking the fact that the pounds are coming off, even with my middle-age, slowing down metabolism. After years of yo yo dieting and feeling that inevitable sense of failure each time I hit that plateau or re-gain some weight, I have the tools I need to move forward for the long haul and I have the confidence in myself to stay the course.

The ongoing support, Jayson, has been incredible and I enjoy trying new recipes and it eliminates the boredom factor. All in all, I would call this program a true success in every sense of the word.”

Jan Grant
Bloomington, IN
54 years young

Don’t hesitate to get the body you want!

Grab your 30 days of free meal plans based off of my Carb Rotation Principles.  These meal plans include recipes and each day is broken down into each meal.  Here are some screen shots of what you will get with this.

Here are a couple screenshots of the recipes you will get in this free download.

You will enjoy delicious new recipes along with knowing exactly what to eat each day and how much.  If you have ever wondered what you are going to cook for dinner or if you are tired of the same old breakfast day after day then treat yourself to something new and refreshing.  Just click the image below and you will have access to this free download of 30 healthy meal plans including delicious recipes.  I promise you won’t get bored with eating this way. 


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