Keep This 1 Drink From Adding Fat To Your Stomach

Summertime is the time for barbecues and outdoor activities.  Many of those outdoor activities include alcoholic beverages.

This can spell disaster for your waistline because those calories from the alcoholic beverages sneak in 1 drink after another.

Before you know you consumed an extra 800 calories just in liquid.

That doesn’t include the food you also ate.

So how do you continue to enjoy those alcoholic beverages and keep that waistline you worked so hard to look good in that bathing suit?

It is simple actually…

I explain just how to do it in today’s Nutrition Quickie.

Put this trick to work the next time you encounter this dilemma and you will find that your waistline will still look great and won’t take a beating this summer.

If you want to supercharge your weight loss this summer then implement this flexible carb cycling meal planning on the next page.  






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