Is This The Best Way To Beat Cellulite?

One of a women’s biggest fear about wearing a biking is the appearance of dimples on her butt, thighs and/or mid-section.  This undesirable skin condition is called cellulite and it plagues the backsides of women all over the world.

celluliteSo how do you prevent it or at least minimize
the appearance of this?

Cellulite comes from alterations in a women’s normal skin structure.  This is combined with circulation issues of the fatty areas.  These fatty areas tend to have decreased blood flow and are generally cold to the touch.

Unfortunately, because of hormonal environment and body structure women have cellulite from the very beginning.  It actually starts in the womb until a child is about 18 months old as normal healthy fatty tissue development.  It then starts again during puberty.  Though with society today and all the junk food, high calories foods and drinks put some children in a continuous state of fat cell development. 

I am going to explain the physiology of fat tissue in laymen’s terms here.  The fatty tissue near the skin consists of two layers.  There is the external layer and the blood vessels in this layer are numerous and fragile. 

The deeper layer contain larger no so fragile blood vessels.  When a person gains weight this deeper layer increases in thickness.  This presses against the more fragile external layer and making it more pronounced and visible on the skin.

Hopefully that was a simple of enough explanation for you without getting too technical with fancy words.  🙂

I have heard from pretty much every female I know about how frustrating the female hormones can be and to not make it worse here is proof they are monsters at times.

When a female starts to hit puberty the back of the upper thigh is very responsive to the unique hormonal profile of a women.  Estrogen will increase the response of the thigh fat cells and stimulate an enzyme that stimulates fat growth.  This generally occurs in the gluteal (butt) region and abdomen as well, but is usually centralized to the back of the legs. 

Prolactin is another hormone that makes your cellulite more visible because it can increase water retention in the fatty tissue.  This makes the fat cells look larger and lumpier.

One other hormone makes cellulite more visible.  It also has probably the greatest influence on cellulite appearance so make sure you read this part very closely.

The hormone is Insulin.

The good thing about this hormone though is we do have some control over it. 

Insulin when working properly takes the sugars from the carbohydrates that you eat and puts those sugars into your muscle cells to be used for energy.

However, in most sedentary people insulin instead sends those carbs to fat cells that are turned into fatty acids and stored as triglycerides.  This makes the fat cells in the deeper layer I described earlier larger, which causes the external layer to pushed out and more visible on the skin surface ie: cellulite.

So I mentioned that you do have some control over your insulin hormone and how it is very influential regarding the appearance of cellulite.

Here Is How You Control And Influence Your Cellulite

1.  Get off your butt!:  When consistently exercising you naturally decrease your body’s insulin level and you make your muscle cells more receptive to burning carbs and fats for energy.  Just remember sitting at a desk all day or sitting anywhere all day does not do much for improving blood flow to your thighs and making your legs and butt look smaller. 

2.  Eliminate high carbs and especially most simple sugary carbs from your diet:  Since we know these carbs trigger higher insulin responses the simplest way to prevent that is to minimize them.  Notice I said minimize and not eliminate because there are key times when simple carbs are needed and are beneficial to helping you lose weight.  It is called nutrient timing and timing is important.

Focus on high fiber carbohydrates such as non-starchy vegetables or even high fiber carbs can be eaten in moderation like sweet potatoes, squash, and whole grain carbs. Work on cutting out sugar. 

3.  Avoid sodium rich foods:  Higher sodium causes water retention and makes cellulite look worse than it is.

The best diet to follow and minimize cellulite is one that contains high quality proteins, colorful vegetables and fruits to provide fiber and healthy fats like avocados, egg yolks and fish.

Fighting the dimples of cellulite while frustrating can be managed with proper exercise and eating favorable foods that naturally help hide your cellulite.

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