Healthy Eating Plans Include Spinach (Here’s Why)

Why should you include Spinach in your healthy eating plans?

The more important question is why shouldn’t you?

If you want to know the most important reasons why you should be eating spinach make sure you read every word of this article to the every end.

1.  Boost growth hormone levels and a key amino acid that helps boost your metabolism.

Boosting your metabolism is huge to achieving the bodyweight you desire wouldn’t you agree?

2.  Why Is Spinach So Nutritious?

Here is just a short list of the benefits you get when you eat spinach.

  • Helps To Lower Blood Pressure
  • High In Lutein To Help Protect Against Macular Degeneration and Cataracts
  • Supports Healthy Bones With Calcium and Vitamin K
  • Great For Your Brain
  • Good Alternative To Provide Iron

By just adding some spinach to your meals you can immediately start to improve your health levels.  

Pretty powerful effects from just one food isn’t it?

Holistic Nutritionist Karen Roth is here to further explain the benefits of Spinach and how she uses it in her healthy eating plans.


3.  Not a huge fan of Spinach?  Here are some foods that go well with spinach and will make spinach the secondary or background food.  You can benefit from health benefits, but not have it be the dominant flavor.


You could actually take every one of those ingredients and mix them together with a bowl of spinach and have a delicious power packed healthy salad, right?  

4.  I Bet You Have Never Tried This Spinach Recipe.  I know I never have nor have I ever thought of it.

It is also just a very humorous video to watch by Buff Dudes (yes, that is there name).  Makes video recipes very entertaining so make sure you give it a look.  It will bring a smile to your face for sure.  

Spinach Pancake Recipe: 

1 bag frozen chopped spinach
2 whole eggs
1/2 cup shredded cheese
1 cup bread crumbs
Dash of crushed red pepper
Dash of chopped onions
Dash of granulated Garlic

Now I have to say this is one of the oddest spinach recipes I have ever seen, but then I tried it after reading all the comments on how good they actually taste.  I was impressed with the how much I liked them.  

This is just one of hundreds of recipes that I use to keep my metabolism running fast and my body burning stored fat 24 hours a day.  I have breakfast recipes, lunch and dinner recipes and even desserts.  I actually have gathered 197 recipes.  What I have done is compiled them into a pdf report so that I can just open that file and scroll until a recipe jumps out at me and fills whatever craving I have for a meal at that time. 

Just click the image below and you will see the breakdown of all 197 recipes.  I can also send this pdf file to your email.  

Enjoy all 197 recipes!  


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