Does Your Grill Cause This?

Little does anyone know, but when thousands of charcoal grills are fired up on a weekend they are producing a chemical that turns that healthy meat on the grill into a carrier of potentially dangerous health consequences. 

This short video highlights those dangerous health consequences and provides 3 solutions you can follow when grilling.  These 3 solutions will keep you healthy while still enjoying delicious barbecue.  

Now you can grill comfortably knowing that you are not consuming this nasty dangerous chemical.  

While we are on the subject of dangerous health consequences there is a food that for years we have been told to stay away from.  Just in the last few years as science evolved enough that tells us we were wrong all along and the healthy alternatives we were eating is actually worse for us than this food we were told to avoid.  

This article on the next page highlights this once FORBIDDEN food and why we should be eating it instead of the alternatives.


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