Delicious Avocado Burger Recipe

I like finding new recipes to make and I also toss out the recipes that take forever to cook or make even if they taste great.  I just don’t have time for cooking in the kitchen forever. 

I also am generally getting hungry when I start making dinner so the last thing I want to do is slave in the kitchen while I am starving.

Let me tell you about my friend and what she did to always have healthy delicious and easy to make meals for her and her husband. 

She invested in professional cooking lessons to truly master the art of delicious, healthy cooking.

How cool is that?

Investing in the professional cooking lessons allows her now to create her own amazing recipes without having to go out and find new recipes.  I am going to have to add this idea to my list of things to do for myself.

Check out this amazing Avocado Burger  that she created…

This burger is amazingly healthy and tastes amazing. 


Even though my own recipes I provide are delicious and I still plan to find and test new recipes for you, you can now benefit from Flavia’s amazing creation.

 If you want more fat burning recipes, then there’s no resource I could recommend to you more strongly than Flavia’s Flavilicious Cookbook. 

If you want to burn more fat or continue to stay lean  all the while enjoying great meals, then this is it.

Flavia is a busy mom as well and she’s put together more than 150+ easy-to-make,  fat-burning meals  that taste AMAZING and most importantly for me is EASY to make…

She has the same thinking as me that she wants to feed her family healthy meals, but like I said is also a mom to a young toddler so spending 3 hours in the kitchen just isn’t an option right now.

The best part about her creating these recipes is that you don’t need to have your professional cooking lesson experience.  These recipes are extremely easy to make and need no cooking experience necessary.   

She invested all that time and effort so you don’t have to.

These recipes specialize in eating balanced macronutrients so you can eat more and burn more fat, and you can grab them all  for 60% OFF today!

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These recipes are also “family friendly”.  Flavia is one of 17 children so she understands what it takes to feed a family that includes (in her case) dozens of different taste buds and food preferences. 🙂

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