Carb Cycling Portion Control

One of the biggest struggles when trying to lose weight is when you feel you are eating everything correctly and in the right amounts, but you are not losing any weight.

My first question to my clients is always this.

Do you really know how much food you are eating?

Do you know if you are eating 1/2 a cup of pasta or 3/4 of a cup?

Many times we overestimate how much food is on our plate and visually we think it is a specific amount when in reality it is more than that.

I have a short video for you where I discuss how to get this under control and understand how to be on target with your carb cycling portion control.

For the next few days follow this tip and you will know right away if you on target with your portions or overestimating your portions. 

On the next page, I discuss how carb cycling provides solutions to reaching that ideal weight.  Just click the image below. 



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