Can’t Lose Weight? Have You Tried This Root To Lose Weight Fast?

question_mark-150x150If you are one who just can’t lose weight and you are exercising regularly as well as following a good meal plan then maybe it is time to try a few unknown foods to lose weight.

You may just be missing certain nutrients that will finally kickstart your weight loss.

Here are 3 uncommon if not unknown foods that can help facilitate quick weight loss.

The first food is this rarely heard of root called:

jicama yam1. Jicama

What is Jicama and how can it help you to lose weight?

Jicama is a sweet and crunchy root that may be your secret weapon for a flat bely. Jicama contains a special fiber called inulin. Inulin functions in two different ways when digested by the body. It first satisfies your appetite and provides a feeling of fullness which keeps you from eating too many calories.

The second way inulin helps you to lose weight is by acting as a food for billions of bacteria that currently live in your gut.

The health of your gut flora plays a significant role in whether you lose weight or not. It can determine how your body stores the food you eat, how easy or hard it is for you to lose weight fast and how well your metabolism functions.

2. Chia Seeds
chia seed pile
This food is starting to become more popular and you may have heard of this one. Chia seeds are great for adding to salads, shakes, omelets and other recipes and foods that will boost the nutritional quality of your meal.

Chia seeds are full of protein, omega-3 fats and fiber. All 3 of these powerhouses facilitate fat loss in different ways. The fiber alone improves your digestion and you more efficiently utilize the calories you consume. The protein provides satiety and thermogenesis while the omega-3 fats help you to burn fat calories and also to optimize your metabolism so again your body more efficiently burns calories instead of storing them as fat.

Now this 3rd food is not that common at all, but has been around as a fat blocker to help you lose weight fast for a while now.

3. Kelp

Kelp is a seaweed that is popular in many Asian cuisines, and is packed with nutrition.Seaweed and kelp

What makes kelp so powerful? It has an ability that many other foods can’t do. It can block the absorption of fat. Kelp contains something called alginate, which is a very potent fiber that may block up to 75 percent of the fat your body would normally absorb.

If you are already following a quality meal plan and exercising regularly, but still can’t lose weight try working these 3 foods into your meal planning. They might just have what you need to optimize your metabolism and start losing weight fast.



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