Can’t lose weight? Could it be artificial sweeteners?

This Popular Healthy Eating Plan Strategy May Be Making You FAT

sugarThis new study sheds some more light on what many are saying could be causing the weight gain we see amongst the population.

New research is indicating that artificial sweeteners that so many use in place of real sugar to cut down on calories could be causing our gut bacteria to get out of whack.

Replacing high calorie foods with sugar free foods that contain artificial sweeteners is a daily occurrence.  In fact it probably occurs millions of times each and every day because so many are wanting and trying to lose weight.

Is this actually the best way to lose that weight though or is it actually causing weight gain?

The research is definitely controversial that’s for sure and some wholeheartedly agree with this and others feel the complete opposite. 

Though the more research that comes out the more it seems to show the negative benefits of artificial sweeteners. 

One of the strongest response/theory against artificial sweeteners is that since most are 10 times sweeter than sugar it can lead to an intense craving of sugary foods. 

Other studies point out that consumption of too many artificial sweeteners is indicative of blood sugar issues as well as insulin issues. 

Now this newest study is looking at our own gut bacteria in relation to the consumption of artificial sweeteners. 

bacteria_image2Our gut bacteria is actually very important and plays a vital role in our health.  It fights off bad bacteria that makes us sick, facilitates the digestion of our food and helps maintain optimal health through cell homeostasis. 

When this bacteria is altered such as when we consume artificial sweeteners it may cause glucose intolerance. 

It can also alter microbial metabolic pathways which make us susceptible to metabolic diseases. 

To simplify that the changes in our gut bacteria because of the consumption of artificial sweeteners may increase your risk for metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes), insulin resistance and full fledged diabetes. 

The summary from this research was “Collectively, our results link NAS consumption, dysbiosis and metabolic abnormalities, thereby calling for a reassessment of massive NAS usage.”


Artificial sweeteners are in almost every low calorie, low sugar, sugar free food in the supermarket so to cut them out entirely is going to be very hard unless you go 100% natural foods. 

So here is what I suggest.  Take a look at what you currently consume and see how many of those food items contain artificial sweeteners.  Then take that list and work on cutting it in half and replacing with vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and other food items that are low in sugar, but also artificial sweetener free. 

Then evaluate what happens with your weight.  Did you start to lose some weight?  If so then you are definitely someone who is sensitive to artificial sweetener consumption.  Your next step is to them take your new list of foods that contain artificial sweeteners and now cut that in half and replace with other healthy food items. 

Keep working on cutting your list by half to reduce the overall intake of artificial sweeteners you consume.

Here is a jumpstart to helping you cut out the foods that contain artificial sweeteners.

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