Are You Really Hungry? Or Just Thirsty?

The reason I ask that is because so many individuals experience the “hungry all the time” syndrome. 

Even if they just recently ate.  Many of my clients will ask me how that is even possible to be hungry so quickly after eating. 

The reality is you are not hungry…

glass of waterInstead, you are thirsty.

Your brain sends and received hundreds if not thousands of signals every single day to allow you to do what you do whether it is talking, walking, sitting, etc. 

The signal that you are hungry and the signal that you are thirsty are very similar in wave patterns and your brain can sometimes get confused.  It will misinterpret the signal that you are hungry and in actuality you are thirsty. 

This tends to happen at times when you normally would not be hungry and why the questions come up. 

Maybe you are a little dehydrated and why that signal was sent, but your brain didn’t read it correctly. 

When this happens you should first ask yourself this…

When was the last time I had an 8-10oz glass of water? 

If it has been more than 3 hours then this is your likely culprit.  For, some they haven’t had any water all day and it is 3pm in the afternoon. 

Most of us under consume non-caffeinated fluids.  We forget about good old H20. 

So here is what I tell my clients to do and I even follow this solution myself. 

Drink one 8-10oz glass of water and wait 15-20 minutes before you go to the refrigerator or start eating any food. 

If after the 15-20 minutes you are still thirsty then go ahead and eat a healthy snack or light meal. 

You would be surprised by the number of times your hunger is gone. 

You then just saved yourself from eating extra calories that you did not need. 

If after 20 minutes you still have that hunger pang then go ahead and eat that snack or light meal. 

Below are some options you can consume that not only provide healthy calories but substance that will fill you up and provide longer lasting fullness.

Hard boiled eggs
Greek yogurt with natural granola
Protein shake
Vanilla greek yogurt mixed with your favorite flavored protein powder
Diced chicken wrap (use yogurt based dressing)

The importance of nutrient timing is critical to when and why you are hungry as well as if you maintain a healthy weight or gain unsightly body fat. 

I wrote another article on 8 foods that crush food cravings that will also help you not eat unneeded extra calories. 


You can read it here >>

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