Are You One Of Three Adults Who Has Pre-Diabetes?


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Many researchers estimate that by the year 2050 one in five adults will have diabetes.  More than 29 million Americans or 9.3% of the U.S. population already have diabetes.

Here is something that is even more staggering.  More than 86 million American adults has pre-diabetes.  That is one out of every 3 adults.

Stand next to 2 people and ask yourself if you are the one that has pre-diabetes.

Pre-diabetes is a condition in which fasting glucose levels are high, but don’t quite meet the criteria for a diabetes diagnosis.

The reason these numbers are so alarming is because Diabetes is a significant risk factor for many disease conditions.  If you have diabetes you are at an increased risk of vascular dysfunction and hardening of your arteries.SONY DSC

If you have pre-diabetes you are at an increased rise for heart disease.  If you can get your blood sugar
levels back to normal research has shown that your heart disease risk goes back down.

So it is still curable if you have pre-diabetes.

Here are some more reasons why you want to fix your pre-diabetes or make sure you never get it.

If you have insulin resistance or impaired glucose imbalances you are at higher risk for the development and progression of brain issues such as Alzheimer’s disease.

HighBloodSugar_imageOne of the most damaging pre-diabetic symptoms that most are unaware of is the blood sugar spikes after meals.  If you are not insulin resistance this issue is low risk because your body takes care of those extra blood sugars.  If you have pre-diabetes though you have insulin resistance.  When this happens your body is unable to get rid of those sugars in your blood.  They just keep floating around and this creates an independent risk factor for heart disease and endothelial heart damage.

Given all the risk factors that are associated with unhealthy blood sugar levels it is not only highly suggestive that you manage your blood sugars through your diet and lifestyle, but it is necessary.

In 2012 the direct medical costs for diabetes was estimated to be around $176 BILLION.

Not only will you have to deal with your health issues, but you are going to have to pay out the you know what to treat your disease.   All that could be avoided with proper meal habits and lifestyle changes.  Also, that won’t cost you anymore that what you spend today.  Heck, you might even save some money depending on what your lifestyle is like.

Safer alternative therapies are also required to better manage blood sugars that are starting to get out of control.  Herbs and other natural ingredients show promise as effective tools for blood sugar management and for shutting down the dangerous post meal blood sugar spikes.

Given the enormous healthcare burden and medical complications you will be facing take this seriously and get started with your dietary and lifestyle changes.  Speed up your blood sugar management by also including a natural therapy into your dietary changes.

Here are 14 natural nutrients that are shown to balance your blood sugars.




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