Are You A Ticking Time Bomb Of Sugar Addiction?

Human Heart Attack Time BombIt is estimated that 8% of the global population will have ‘pre-diabetes’ by 2035.  That equates to 471 million people. Will you be one of those 471 million?

If you don’t know what pre-diabetes is let me explain.  Pre-diabetes is a condition that puts you at a significantly higher risk of developing full type 2 diabetes.  It means you have impaired glucose regulation whether it be from impaired glucose tolerance or impaired fasting glucose.

This is a ticking time bomb for your future healthcare costs.  Right now the World Health Organization states type 2 diabetes affects over 220 million people and the repercussions of high blood sugar kills 3.4 million people every year.

By 2025 it is expected that there will be an increase of 160 million people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to 380 million and another 418 million people diagnosed with pre-diabetes.

To better explain why this pre-diabetic population is advancing to full on Type 2 diabetes so quickly here are some stats.  Those with Isolated impaired glucose tolerance have 5x the risk to develop Type 2 diabetes.  Those who only have isolated Impaired fasting glucose have 7x the risk of developing diabetes.

What is your risk factor if you have both?

You have over 12 times the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes than those people with normal bloodSONY DSC

Researchers writing in Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome: Clinical Research and Reviews are quoted as saying

“The percentage of population who are pre-diabetic, with IFG or IGT is much greater than that of diabetic patients and is persistently increasing.”

Let’s add more problems to your plate when you are diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

You are also at a high risk for cardiovascular disease including stroke, coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease.

Common characteristics of pre-diabetics are significant weight gain especially central stomach area obesity, dyslipidemia, increased HbA1c and a more sedentary lifestyle.

Numerous studies have found that obesity, poor diet and lack of exercise are major contributing factors to this “ticking time bomb” we call pre-diabetes.

So you have an opportunity to decrease and potentially eliminate your risk of ever developing pre-diabetes which then most certainly will lead to Type 2 diabetes.

Studies have shown that lifestyle changes such as changing your dietary habits can reverse the pre-diabetic path.

Reducing sugar, eating healthy meals that include more fiber and protein are just a few ways you can destroy this ticking time bomb.

egg_entreeAnother example is a high protein diet (especially a high protein breakfast) can help with blood sugar management and reduce your risk of pre-diabetes progression.

You have a lot of options to stop this progression, but the most important option you have is yourself.  Do you want to be one of those 471 million with pre-diabetes or do you want to be in the group that reverses this time bomb?

I am going to assume you want to be a part of the group that reverses this time bomb.

The next step is to take action and start eating healthier meals each and every day.  Since I know that can be overwhelming I have created an entire 30 days of meal plans for you to follow to get you in that habit of healthy eating.

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I have also made the decision to give away my 197 healthy recipes cookbook.  Normally this is for sale, but I have made the decision to offer it for free given that this pre-diabetic time bomb is getting ready to explode.  I don’t want you to be a part of the carnage.


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So go ahead and download both if you want for FREE today and I will throw in one more thing to help you reverse the path you may be going down at this very moment.  When you download either one of these FREE gifts you will have direct access to me to ask any questions you want and help you in any way I can to ensure you reverse this path you are on and to make sure you never develop pre-diabetes or full on Type 2 diabetes.

Go ahead and download my FREE gifts to you now and will be looking for your questions to help in any way I can.




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