Add These To Your Next Dinner

roasted_vegetables_smAfter working all day I know for me personally the last thing I want to do is cook a meal that takes me an hour or more.  I am generally already hungry and just want to eat.  

So I have some options.  I can eat anything and everything while I cook my dinner becuase I am so hungry or I can have some staples around that I can make into a quick and healthy fat burning dinner.  

Here is what I keep on hands generally at all times. 

1.  Greens and other good stuff

I keep on hand spinach, lettuce, some mushrooms, green and red peppers.  I also like to keep some fresh strawberries and blueberries not just because my daughters like them, but they make for a great changeup to the conventional salad.  They add some new refreshing flavor to my salad and are packed full of fiber, vitamins and minerals.  

2.  Salmon, Halibut or other healthy fatty fish

Not only are these fish options full of healthy protein they are also loaded with Omega 3 fats.  Adding these two nutrients to your dinner will acclerate your fat loss and provide fullness to your meal.  

3.  Healthy lean beef or free range chicken

I keep these lean protein sources on hand at all times because I can cook them up quickly, they are loaded with protein and provide plenty of stomach satiety to keep me from overeating.  

These are the staples I keep on hand at all times to ensure that I don’t make unhealthy bad choices when it comes to what I am going to eat for dinner.  Not too mention endless snacking while I am trying to figure out what to eat.  

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