5 Secrets To Stop Your Cravings


You have the insatiable need to have something sweet.

donuts_smIt could be a donut…a pastry that “comes in a bag”…or even an afternoon candy bar.  Or the holiday baking that keeps showing up at the office. 

Whatever it is you crave, you just can’t seem to make it go away…

…that is, unless you grab something sweet to satisfy your craving.

So, what exactly do you do to stop this powerful response?

Cause Of Your Cravings

There are a many things that may cause these cravings that destroy your calorie intake – and your weight loss.

But there are really only two things that are responsible for your cravings:

Your brain and low blood sugars!

You see, your brain requires a LOT of sugar to keep it functioning at optimal levels.

And when there is a decrease in sugar to the brain (low blood sugars), then panic mode ensues.

Your brain sends a response to your body, stimulating your hunger for sweet, sugar-filled foods.

Namely desserts, baked goods, pre-packaged sweets, and candy bars!

You would think that if you cut out desserts, junk food, pastries, and donuts than you won’t crave those types of foods anymore, right?


You see, sweet foods may spike your cravings for even more sweet foods. 

However, what you qualify as sweet foods are not the usual culprits.

Foods such as breads, pastas, crackers, and many others contain tons of sugar that can also increase your cravings.

Cutting out foods that contain these ingredients will significantly help reduce your cravings

* sugar

* honey

* molasses

*corn syrup

*high fructose corn syrup

…and boosting your weight loss in the process!

Solution To Cutting Your Cravings TODAY!

There are a lot of ways to cut your cravings including what I just mentioned above.

If you’re able to keep your blood sugar stable – and allow adequate sugar to reach your brain – then you may find a reduction in cravings for junk foods.

Here are some more ways to stabilize your blood sugars, keep you from overeating at meals due to low blood sugars and cut out those nasty cravings.

1.  Eat vegetables and fruits with your meals.

2.  Drink a glass of water before meals and snacks

3.  Eat lean protein at your meals and snacks.

4.  Drink tea to help satisfy cravings

5.  Write down what you are putting in your mouth every time.  This will help hold you accountable to the subconscious eating patterns we all fall into.

What other tricks have you done to help control cravings and your appetite.  Leave them in the comments below so others who have a difficult time controlling cravings and their appetite can give them a try. 

You might just have the 1 trick that will get them past that obstacle and on to healthy eating success.  Don’t be shy to leave any tips and tricks that have worked for because you may be helping out others with that 1 tip or trick.

And thank you for contributing.


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