3 Restaurant Tricks (Don’t Fall For These)



I am a victim to one of these tricks as you will see below.  I have fallen for it a few times I will admit.  This is also why restaurants implement these tricks, because they work if you don’t look out for them. 

Want to know the 3 sneaky restaurant tricks to get you to eat more than you expected? 

Pay attention to these the next time you walk into a restaurant and if you notice any of these be sure to be on guard regarding what you choose on that menu and how you eat your meal.

3 Sneaky Restaurant Tricks

Restaurants are in the business to sell you more food or higher priced food so that they make more money. 

Do you want to start with an appetizer tonight while you look over the menu? 

May I suggest an appetizer we have tonight to give you time to decide on your entree.

The chef has made a special dessert tonight….

There are all kinds of tricks they use to get you to spend more money with them and ultimately have you eat more calories. 

One of these tricks with some establishments is to play loud music.  Some restaurants don’t want you meandering through your meal.  They want you in and out so they can turn the table over and put another paying customer there.  Especially if it is a popular restaurant that can have a wait time. 

The music is designed to be annoying, make it hard to talk and stimulate you to eat faster so you can get out of there.  The problem with this for you is by eating faster you will tend to overeat because your body doesn’t have time to tell you it is full.  You are just going to quickly eat so you can be finished. 

You will clean your plate and not realize that you should have left part of your meal on your plate. 

Another restaurant trick that is used is in regards to the price of the meal.  Most restaurant menus do not have a dollar sign or the word ‘dollars’ after the price

If you are wondering why it is because studies have shown that people who see the word ‘dollar’ or the dollar sign are less likely to buy the product. 

You may also see pictures highlighting the most expensive meal options.  These are placed in specific places where they know your eyes will see them.  Studies have also been conducted on eye tracking when looking at a menu so they know the tendencies of customers in regards to where they look on a menu and why. Stir Fry

Customers are more likely to buy a specific meal when they see a tantalizing picture of it.

(I have even fallen for this one a few times because what I saw in the picture looked so delicious.)

Have you ever noticed the color of the restaurant walls? 

There is generally a wide variety of colors for you to look at and this isn’t done by chance. 

Researchers have proven that certain colors evoke certain emotions in people.

For example red and yellow are both considered “warm” or “inviting” colors.  In the restaurant business these same colors have been shown to stimulate hunger.  Chalk one up for the restaurants.  They just got you to eat more food than you had planned on. 

The next time you go to a restaurant and if you haven’t already set a game plan to prevent yourself from overeating take a look around and see if you notice any of these traps. 

If you do then your overeating defense mechanism better go on high alert. 

On the next page I discuss a few research proven nutrients you need to incorporate into your meal plans to combat those times you do overeat by mistake. 


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