3 Healthy Eating Facts You Need To Understand

Everywhere you look there are healthy eating facts and if you look close enough you will see many contradict themselves. 

So where lies the truth?…

Here are 3 Healthy Eating facts I am going to cover today so that you can make sure your nutrition foundation is established and you can be on your way to living a healthier life.

1.  Not all calories are created equal

There has been a saying for many years now called “Calories In Calories Out”.

Have you heard of it? 

I am sure you have.

While there is some truth to that statement science and research have evolved over the years showing that it isn’t as accurate as we once thought it was. 

If you need to eat 1500 calories every day to lose 1-2 pounds a week you can’t eat all 1500 calories as fat calories. 

Or as carbs…

You will not lose those 1-2 lbs.

Your body metabolizes fats, carbs and protein differently. 

Here is an example…

For every 100 carbohydrate calories you consume your body is going to use 5-10 of those 100 calories in the digestion process. 

In contrast to this when 100 calories of protein is consumed your body is going to use 20-30 of those 100 calories during the digestion process. 

So you end up with a net caloric intake of 70-80 calories with the protein vs 90-95 net calories with the carbs. 

Fat requires even less required calories for digestion at only 3 calories for every 100 calories consumed. 

solutions-image-300x193Since science has shown us new information and introduced the thermic effect of food which is what I discussed above we now know that calories are not created equal and weight loss isn’t as easy as calories in and calories out. 

You should shoot for 1 gm of protein per pound of your goal or target bodyweight.  Then fill in the remaining required calories with high fiber slow digesting carbohydrates foods and healthy omega-3 fat sources such as avocados, coconut oil, etc.

2.  Fat is not your enemy

We have been through the low fat craze and everyone swore off all fats and ate every low-fat food they could find. 

What happened?

We got fatter as a nation…

How is that possible? 

Wasn’t fat causing us to be fat?

Simple Answer:  NO!!!

The reason we keep getting fatter is not because of 1 type of food or nutrient.  There are a variety of reasons and one of them being the overconsumption of sugar and calories, which is what happened during the low-fat craze. 

Eating fat will not make you fat. 

Eating too many calories as fat and consuming more calories than you burn off WILL make you fat.

Dietary fat is essential to your health.  Consuming Omega-3 fats from cold water fish such as salmon are great for your heart and your brain.  Avocados and cold pressed olive oil are also good healthy fats because they contain monounsaturated fats that help to improve your cholesterol levels and also reduce internal inflammation. 

Natural saturated fats such as those found in the steak you eat and real butter even have beneficial health properties. 

Who would have thought we would be telling you to eat saturated fat after all the misleading facts from 20 years ago.

This is what research does.  It evolves, gets better and we benefit from it. 

This isn’t your ticket to consuming pounds of fat though.  It is your ticket to not be fat phobic and enjoy the foods that contain healthy fats because they are delicious to eat. 

3.  Sugar will kill you

If you over consume on sugary foods and drinks such as soft drinks, refined baked goods, etc then….

YES, sugar will kill you. 

At the very least you will increase your risk of developing heart disease and Type II diabetes. 

The reason being is when you consume these types of foods especially if you don’t combine them with other key nutrients the sugar from these drinks and foods enter your bloodstream very fast.  When you drink a soft drink all the sugar in that drink goes directly into your bloodstream and spikes your sugar levels.  Now your body has to respond and send out a bunch of insulin to remove those sugars from your bloodstream.  Over time you will create insulin resistance and eventually diabetes. 

A few ways to stop this from happening is to…

Consume high fiber carbohydrate based foods
Eat lean protein with any carbohydrate or sugar foods
Consume healthy fats with carb based foods.
Eat less sugary foods…  🙂

I had to throw in the obvious at the end. 

So what happens when you combine lean protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates together in a meal?

You have a healthy meal that contains all 3 essential macronutrients required for you to thrive and live a healthy life. 

The reason this works is because when you combine lean protein and healthy fats your body is not able to quickly push all those sugars into the bloodstream. 

The process is slowed down considerably and your body doesn’t have to send out a bunch of insulin to try and control the spike in blood sugars because it didn’t happen. 

You will store less of those sugars as fat and provide your body the time to burn them off as energy. 

You, of course do still need to control your overall caloric intake and not over consume.  When you eat this way you are giving your body an opportunity to utilize the calories rather than have to store certain calories as stored fat because you flooded it with too much at once. 

Use these 3 nutritional foundation healthy eating tips to live a healthier life and achieve the body you have always desired. 

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