Flexible Carb Cycling Program Bonuses

Thank you for purchasing Flexible Carb Cycling Program.  I hope you have dived right into and are implementing many of the topics already.  You are going to find that it is real easy to eat this way while still enjoying all your favorite foods.  Not too mention acheive the body you desire.

Below are some additional bonuses that I couldn’t put into the book so I have made them available for you here.


Your first bonus is an online tracking spreadsheet to keep your circumference measurements as well as your body fat calculations.  You just have to plug in your skinfold caliper numbers and your age and bam it will tell you what bodyfat you are currently at.

Bodyfat Tracker For Women Download Here >>

Bodyfat Tracker For Men Download Here >>

Finally over the years I have compiled a heck of a lot of recipes.  I put them all together in this pdf for you.  There are 197 recipes that range from lunch and dinner recipes to breakfast recipes and even healthy desserts for you.

197 Recipes Download Link Here >>

Below you can print off this sheet to keep track of your food intake each day. 

Food Journal Worksheet >> 

Now we know a good nutrition program should be combined with a good workout program to accelerate that fat loss.  I have a great workout for you designed by John Romaniello.  

Lactic Acid Training Workout Download Here >>


Last but not least you have access to me via our private Facebook group.

Just go to the link below and click on the right hand side of your screen to request to join.  You will get approved and then have full access to me as well as other members of the group to learn, ask questions, provide support as well as receive support throughout your journey.  


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