Avoid these 3 Work Related Disasters

Back_pain_man_smIf you repeated these 3 things every day while at work you are almost certain to gain weight.

Work for many is known as the grind.  You get up may or may not eat breakfast, work for eight hours then come home.  You then make dinner, take kids to practices get them cleaned up and if you are lucky have 1 hour to relax before you go to bed.

Then you repeat this 5 days a week.

It is what you do at work or don’t do that can be the main contributor to weight gain.

Avoid these 3 Work Related Disasters.

Disaster #1:  You Don’t Bag It For Lunch

If you have a cafeteria at your place of work or restaurants galore all around your work you may find yourself going out to lunch with your co-workers. 

What you will end up with is a heaping size of weight promoting food.  Studies have shown that those who eat out for lunch and that includes a workplace cafeteria that it has resulted in increased weight gain. 

Solution:  Bring your lunch.  You can then control your portions, carb intake, fat intake and so forth.  You can also ensure that it is balanced with vegetables, fruit and lean proteins. 

Disaster #2:  If you are not sitting at work you are sitting in your car commuting to and from work or running the kids around at night. 

This is the perfect time to snack on unhealthy foods because dinner is going to be late tonight.  Or consume calorie filled drinks. 

You also are not getting in any exercise. 

Solution:  During one of your breaks during the day or the end of your lunch get outside the office and take a brisk walk.  It could only be 10 minutes, but having that brisk walk will help burn off your lunch, improve your mental alertness during the afternoon and just get you moving, exercising and burning calories. 

Instead of using the elevator if you work above the ground floor take the stairs instead, park farther away from the building.  There are many things you can do to get more exercise during your work day and not realize that it is exercise.

Disaster #3:  Time Management Snafus

If you don’t spend your time wisely at work then your stress, workload and everything you didn’t get done during the day will spill over into the night and derail your exercise plans, healthy dinner, etc.

Solution:  Organize your day so there is always a plan in place and stick to it.  This will make sure that you can accomplish what you need to do work wise and also find time to get that brisk 10 minute walk, exercise after work or cooking that healthy dinner.

You will also be able to sleep better at night, which then allows you to focus more the next day and hence get more accomplished. 

Find the time to make these little improvements during your day and you will find that you will get more activity and exercise in.  You will also have the time to focus on healthy dinners and preparing your healthy lunch for the next day.

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