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Because of the spam problem these days, less and less email actually reaches its intended destination due to over aggressive spam blocking measures. This is especially true if you are subscribing from a work email address (if you subscribed from a work email, you might want to consider re-subscribing from your home or personal account, because corporate email security is more likely to block our email messages… which you don’t want to miss!)

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If you are a Gmail User:  

Most likely because of gmails over zealous filters these emails are in your promotions tab or worse yet in your trash or spam folder.  If you find this email in your promotions tab all you have to do is left click the email and drag it to your inbox tab.  This will tell Google that from now on you want them to deliver these emails into your inbox.

If you do find it in your trash or junk folder just just need right click the email and select “Not SPAM”.  This will again tell google that you want to have these emails delivered to your inbox.

One last thing….

I know Google can be a challenge when it comes to emails.

You will want to create a filter in gmail for these emails.  [email protected] and also [email protected]  In the filter choose to ‘Never mark these as spam’.

This should ensure that you receive the emails that you want to receive.

Wait One More Thing!

Let’s face it: Unfortunately, there are a lot of not-so-nice guys on the Internet. There are more people than ever looking to rip you off.

There are more people than ever POSING as weight loss experts and gurus. And that’s why I created this special page to deal with the Internet Weight Loss Scams. I want to give you all the proof I possibly can that I am not only a real person, but also a bona fide Rapid Fat Loss Expert. That’s why I’ve included the following:

1. A digital image of my very own Registered Dietitian’s license. Just click on the image and see my credentials for yourself.

Dietetics_license_2016A. Go to
https://www.cdrnet.orgYou can also verify this by following these 4 steps.

B. Click on “Online Credential Verification Search” in the center of your screen
C. Agree to the terms and conditions
D. Enter 862063 for registration number, country is USA, state is MO and credential is “Registered Dietitian”.  


2. Follow me on my Facebook page so you can keep up on the latest content and videos that we create.



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