How To Burn Off Your Fat Cells

As we know our body needs plenty of fuel and lucky for us we have a storage system we can use that we would like to get rid of or reduce in size.  

The problem is our bodies don't really know how to release that storage system and use it for energy.  Instead we continue to build that storage system and it gets larger and larger in the form of a larger stomach, waist line, flabby arms and double chins.  

If you haven't figured what I am referring to yet it is our fat storage system.  

Fat cells are full of stored energy that we can use.  When we do need energy there is a process that happens called lipolysis.  Lipolysis breaks down your stored fat and releases it into your blood stream to be used by your muscles.

To get this process to happen there are certain hormones that have to be released and they begin the process of splitting and releasing your fat cells.  The problem is the fatter we become the worse our bodies get at releasing these hormones and actually making this process happen.

That is why we tend to get larger and larger because we become worse and releasing these fat cells the fatter we get.  

There are two nutrients that have been proven through research to help us with this process.  These nutrients help your body split and release fat cells as well as get certain hormones functioning properly again so your body can more effectively burn off that storage system rather than keep building it up.

The first nutrient comes from the hot pepper.  It is called Capsaicin.  While there is research on regular Capsaicin some of the side effects are less than desirable.  Essentially you are consuming hot papers in a concentrated form and for those that have eaten plenty of hot peppers you know there is a point that is very uncomfortable and unbearable.  So while potentially effective it isn't very tolerable.  

So a company developed a unique form of Capsaicin that they call Capsimax®.  It is an encapsulated bead of Capsaicin and it allows these beadlets to move into the intestine with very little breakdown.  That is a good thing for tolerability and your ability to consume it and also Capsaicin is most effective when in the intestine so you are maximizing its potential.  Once released into the bloodstream the Capsaicin can dramatically increase the hormone Epinephrine, which in turn stimulates fatty acid breakdown from your fat stores.  

Result:  More of your stored fat is released and used for energy.

The other powerful nutrient is called RazK®.  RazK® helps to mobilize stored fat and move it to the edge of the cells where it can be broken down and used for energy.  Raspberry Ketones is very popular right now thanks to Dr. Oz, but unfortunately it isn't all created equal.  There are many different forms of Raspberry Ketones and many are not effective at all.  RazK® is a patented form that through research has been shown to increase lipolysis (stored fat release), release the hormone adiponectin and aid in fatty acid oxidation.  

Result:  Split the fat cells to be burned off as energy.

Not many people use this combination together, but through a clinical study when combined along with other nutrients this formula was proven to be very effective by increasing the secretion of the hormones Epinephrine and Norepinephrine, splitting off fat cells to be burned for energy and ultimately losing fat.  

Here is an explanation of the clinical study and the results these participants were able to get >>


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