Additional 3 Months

“Keep The Fat Off Forever By Upgrading To 3 More Months Of Meal Plans For Just One Low Price”

As I’ve mentioned in the past my private clients pay me $197 for just one of my 30 day Weight Loss Is Made Easy meal plans.  But thanks to the power of the internet I am able to offer you an additional 3 month program so you can enjoy permanent and long lasting weight loss.

For just a low one-time cost of $44.85 you will have access to the “Weight Loss Is Made Easy” 90 day program.  That is only $14.95 per 30 day meal plan.  You will never be billed again and you will also receive all the weight loss components included in the 90 day plan along with unlimited access to me for private consultation.  The private consultation is as long as you need it.  Not just during these 90 days.  I am extending that offer for as long as you need my help.

Yes, I want the full 90 day program to Weight Loss Is Made Easy along with all the extra weight loss components including the private access to Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter for just $44.85 ($14.95 per 30 day meal plan).  I know this program is exactly what I have been looking for.  I am so glad I will never have to wonder what to eat again.  I am also thrilled that for the one-time low price of $44.85 I not only get 90 days of meal plans laid out for me that tells me exactly what to eat, but I also get private access to Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter to ask any question I may have to help me lose weight faster.

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